Saturday, 31 August 2013

A wedding and DIY potpourri

Ah I have been silent for many, many months. It's not because I haven't wanted to write. No, not at all! In fact I got married just over two weeks ago and so every last drop of my attention was focussed on planning for it, crafting wedding favours and hunting down little random bits and bobs to give a personal touch to the venue on the day. Sadly this left me with very little time to write (or to do anything more than cast a longing glance around the doorframe of my sewing room! Poor neglected sewing machine...) 

So with the wedding theme in mind, what better way to make a return to the blog than with a short and sweet wedding-related craft project?

Our venue on the day was a 15th century merchant's hall and as it was a Grade 1 listed building, no confetti was allowed inside. Many of our guests had brought boxes upon boxes of the stuff and were most dismayed to discover that they would not be able to fling it at us as we left the hall. It seemed a shame to let it go to waste so I brought the boxes home with me and began to think of creative uses for it...

Potpourri seemed a good option. Half of the confetti was made from dried flower petals so this formed a natural base for the potpourri. I also decided to add a box of rice paper confetti to the flower petals, breaking up the colour a bit and adding a little "twist" to the mix!

It was really easy and quick to make - I just tipped all the confetti into a plastic freezer bag and added about eight drops of lavendar essential oils to the bag (time will tell whether this is too strong but hey - a little experimentation never hurt!), before tying the bag and giving the whole thing a good shake.

 I left everything in the bag for two or three hours so the petals could get well and truly covered in lavendar oil. The potpourri was then ready to go into a bowl I picked up from a local charity shop for the princely sum of £1! A total bargain.

The finished product

Some friends gave us a wedding card with charms inside - a wooden heart, butterfly and (randomly) a starfish so I put these on top for safe keeping ;)

Not only do we have a beautiful reminder of our wedding but our sitting room sure smells nice!*

*The potpourri has been out of its bag now for about an hour and contrary to previous fears, I can confirm that we have not been choked by lavendar fumes!

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